The design for renovation and extension of the building was created by architectural firm Allianss Arhitektid. Indrek Tiigi and Matthias Klitzsch are the authors of the design.                                               

The result of renovation is an energy efficient Hotel and Business Center of highest quality. The solutions implemented in the building ensure a healthy working environment and lower utility costs, which means that your personnel is healthier and can concentrate on their work, creating better results for your business.

Net building area: 7,936.4 m2 
Total office and service area: 6,881 m2
Number of floors: 7/4 floors above ground, semi-basement
Architects: Allianss Arhitektid - Indrek Tiigi, Matthias Klitzsch, Eve Komp
Building: contractor: Fund Ehitus OÜ
Developer: Novira Capital
Date of completion: summer 2016

In Centennial Hotel and Business Center you will find: 
› A bright lobby with stylish lobby bar and a spacious atrium;
› Restaurant and conference rooms are located in the semi basement floor in collaboration withe the Hotel ;
› First floor has 2 premises with private entrance, that are ideal for customer service based business like a day spa or gym, ;
› Floors 2- 7 are designed to be offices;
› Open design, high ceilings and bright rooms provide flexible planning options and ensure sufficient daylight for all workplaces;
› About 600 m2 of usable area on single floor, enables to fit even a large office conveniently in a single floor;
› Modern and economical automatisation grants an excellent inner climate and technological systems working perfectly.

Parking is organised in te closed back yard area, customers have free parking spaces in front of the building and on Lõkke street

Architect Indrek Tiigi described the Centennial concept as follows:
The first floor of the building includes a spacious entrance and distribution zone. This zone with a dignified look merges different floors into one visually perceivable space and has a large glass façade facing Endla street.

› First floor of the building accommodates rental spaces for offices or possibly also for service providers. The first floor is perfect for customer service rooms, with an option of a separate entrance from Lõkke street.
› Floors 2....7 have premises for office-type establishments. The standard floor plan of the building was designed to be simple and logical, with flexible modification opportunities.
› 7th floor includes an exclusive office space with a view of the Old Town. This area has its own ventilation system, sun protection systems with automatically adjustable horizontal slat blinds and large roof terraces. 
› Semi-basement floor includes a dining area, service premises and a shower and changing room for the staff of tenants and hotel quests. In addition, this floor accommodates the technical rooms for servicing the building. The semi-basement has relatively large windows, providing a reasonable amount of natural lighting for the rooms.

The parking lot on Lõkke street includes one parking space for persons with disabilities, while one disability parking space is located in the yard area next to the middle entrance.
All rooms of the building have been designed to be accessible for persons with distabilities.


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